Genesis Acoustic Products

Soundproofing & Generators

Genesis soundproofing products are often requested to quieten generator noise but the same features outlined below will also make them suitable for other industrial acoustic requirements as well.

The first thing that needs to be understood is the sound signature of a typical generator. We ran an RTA (real time analyser) next to a generator in order to illustrate this point. This measurement was taken during load shedding, in the open air, the generator was mounted on a trailer with no enclosure and the reading was taken at a distance of 1m. Note the sound pressure levels in the low frequency range.

There is a very evident peak from 57Hz to 125Hz, with significantly high SPL through to 2000Hz and a slight drop off after that. This shows us that to effectively deal with generator noise, a product is needed that is especially efficient at dampening low frequencies.

In fact the majority of noise complaints arise because of low frequencies. This is because the wave length is much greater at low frequencies, therefore the noise travels much further than sound in the mid to high frequency range. This is why when there is a loud party a few houses away, you normally can’t tell what song is playing but you can clearly hear the bass. The same applies when a taxi drives past.

Therefore, an acoustic treatment that fails to adequately address the low frequency problem fails altogether.

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