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Industro-Foam: Design Line

Industro-Foam Design Line is a truly versatile product, it consists of an Industro-Foam core with a full colour print onto an acoustic fleece, wrapped top and sides. The result is simply stunning. A world of decorative options opens up with the only limit really being your imagination. For many venues this product will provide the perfect acoustic solution, as it can fit in with whatever look is required while offering superb acoustic properties. The product is available in a number of standard sizes and can be used to cladd entire walls or ceilings or to simply create a feature.


We can print to any pantone colour.


The use of textures is a great way to set a timeless mood in a venue. Natural textues set people at ease and create a sense of space and warmth.
A large range of textures are avaiable including:
✪ Timber
✪ Natural
✪ Stone
✪ Abstract

Custom Prints

The client can supply us with a high resolution image and we'll use it to create a unique look custom made just for you.


✪ Tile: 200 x 200mm
✪ Tile: 400 x 400mm
✪ Tile: 300 x 300mm
✪ Tile: 600 x 600mm
✪ Plank: 1200 x 200mm
✪ Panel: 1200 x 600mm


✪ 50mm
✪ 100mm
The two different thicknesses can be used together, to create an interesting 3D geometric look. This is especially effective when combined with two differnt tile sizes e.g. the 200 x 200mm with the 400 x 400mm or the 300 x 300mm with the 600 x 600mm tile sizes.


Industro-Foam carries a B1 flammability rating, with no flame retardant added, which means it is hardly flammable. This makes the product safe to use in a wide variety of applications. In the event of a fire Industro-Foam does not drip and has a low smoke index. Commonly available polyurethane foam will melt and drip in the event of a fire which can become a hazard.

Light Weight

Industro-Foam is extremely light weight which makes installation a breeze.

Sound Absorption

Industro-Foam Design Line offers excellent sound absorption. The greater the m² used in the room - the more noticeable the sound dampening effect will become. The noise reduction coefficient at 50mm thick is NRC 0.86


We supply tubes of adhesive which can be applied to the back of the tiles with a standard size caulking gun.

Timber texture: Bamboo

Timber texture: Railway sleeper

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