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Genesis Acoustic Products

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Tru-Tone Acoustic Wall & Ceiling Cladding

Tru-Tone acoustic wall & ceiling cladding has been designed by Genesis to offer a refined appearance together with exceptional acoustic properties. The hard resilient finish makes it suitable for areas where a softer product such as an acoustic foam might become damaged. The engineered finish, consists of grooves of specifically selected widths and lengths, to achieve a broadband sound absorption. Tru-Tone efficiently deals with unwanted reflections and provides a warm sounding space, with a sound "true to the original".

✪ Natural brown waxed finish
✪ Spray painted to colour spec

Where Should Tru-Tone be Used?
This product is at home in areas such as 
Recording studios
Radio stations - live studios
Home cinema rooms
Home living spaces - as a feature wall or ceiling
Video conference rooms
Reception areas
Lecture theatres 
Music rehersal spaces

Matching Bass Traps
Tru-Tone bass traps can be provided to match the wall/ceiling areas where it has been used. 
✪ A single tile works well above doors - where space is limited
✪ A column height of 3 / 4 tiles
✪ Customised to suite

Tile Size
600 x 600 x 60mm thick

Pack size: 
12 Tiles / 4.32m²

This product is installed by our own trained installation teams but it could also be installed by anyone confident in their DIY skills or any competent builder.

Tru-Tone Tiles are Team Players
Some things in life are just better together, like peanut butter and jam, bacon & eggs, an expresso and frothed milk … ok thats enough of that - before you get too hungry but you get the idea.
We suggest using the Tru-Tone together with:
Q-Series Diffusers
S10 Angled Panels

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