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Industro-Foam: Acoustic Clouds

This large venue suffered from poor acoustics due to the presence of many hard reflective surfaces, such as tiled floors, glass & plastered brick walls. The high ceiling created a large volume which further exacerbated the problem by creating a long reverberation time.

Due to all the glass doors & windows it was determined that there was insufficient wall space to solve the echo problem with acoustic wall treatment. The client did not want to install a typical drop in ceiling grid and was looking for a more aesthetically pleasing approach. The solution designed by Genesis Acoustics was to hang Industro-Foam acoustic clouds, hung with a large airspace behind them at staggered angles.

Ceiling clouds are perfect for use in any area with high ceilings. Where no ceiling exists the acoustic clouds can be hung beneath the concrete soffit or between the trusses.


The standard colour is white

Light Weight

Industro-Foam is extremely light, therefore it adds a neglible load to the roof structure.


The product can be suspended at whatever height suits the venue, we supply suspension kits according to the requirement.

Standard Sizes

✪ 600 x 1200 x 50mm
✪ 625 x 1250 x 50mm
✪ 1200 x 1200 x 50mm

Sound Absorption

Industro-Foam has excellent sound damping properties, as a result the product can be used to solve acoustic problems in a large variety of applications from homes to corporate and industrial.

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