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LF125 Noise Enclosure

The LF125 enclosure is designed to to attenuate the noise caused by machines such as generators, compressors ,crypotocurrency mining rigs etc

  • Each of the four sides and the roof attaches quickly as easily to the frame, with a system of magnets and clips. No tools are required. This facilitates ease of access for maintenenace or refueling.
  • The front panel consists of clear noise barrier. Being able to see the machine at all times increases the ease of operation and ensures visibility of any switches, dials, lights on the side of the machine. Visibility increases the safety of operation.
  • Noise attenuating inlet & outlet baffles: A commercial grade extraction fan is included with the enclosure. This ensures that cool air is drawn across the the machine at the bottom on one side and the hot air out the enclosure at the top on the opposite side. The baffle design mitigates any sound leaks through the baffles.
  • Non-flammable acoustic insulation is used to increase the safety
  • Easy to set up on site
  • NRC: 1.0
  • Sound reduction: 31dBA at 1m

Standard Sizes:
               Length x Width x  Height
Small:     1.2m        0.9m     0.9m
Medium: 1.6m       1.2m      1.2m
Large:     2m          1.37       1.37

Custom sizes can be made on request.


Q. Can the enclosure be used outside?

A. Yes but it should be positioned on a raised platform, so that any rain water run off will not get to the enclosure. Make sure there is adequete drainage. Should the enclosure stand in a pool of water, the water will soak into the acoustic insulation. A simple roofed structure should protect the enclosure from direct rain.

Q. Who will connect my machine / the extraction fan to the mains?
A. You need to appoint a local electrician to do this.

Q. What about exhaust fumes?
A. You need to vent the exhaust fumes directly out of the enclosure. A sharp blade will be sufficient to cut an access point, in order to direct the exhaust pipe outside the enclosure.

If you are using a generator as backup power for when the electricity fails, make sure the extraction fan in the enclosure, is set to come on automatically when the generator starts.


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