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Industro-Foam: Pyramid Profile

Industro-Foam is an independantly certified acoustic foam.

Pyramid Profile Tiles

This profile makes it instantly recognisable, as the kind of acoustic foam used in recording studios, broadcast studios and industrial applications around the world.

Unique Design

At Genesis Acoustics we love to innovate and so we put our own unique spin on this old classic shape. Normally pyramid profile tiles have a deep "V" shape between the pyramids but this design cuts away the very foam, which is giving the sound absorbing properties, that doesn't make sense! So we designed our tile, with a 50mm thick base and a low profile pyramid - to maximise the sound absorption.

The low profile & extra large pyramids of the Genesis design, provides the unique look which is desirable but without becoming too busy on the eye.

Light Weight

Industro-Foam is light weight which makes it very easy to install. The very low mass per m3 means it adds a negligible weight onto an existing ceiling/roof structure. This makes for a safe installation.


The white colour of the foam makes it particularly well suited to ceilings, this is very useful in venues such as restaurants and coffee shops, where there is often very little wall space available for acoustic treatment due to existing wall fittings and use of plenty of glass. Unlike polyurethane foam which yellows as it ages Industro-Foam retains it's colour. We keep stock of the white however is grey colour is also available on special order, provided the quantity is sufficient.


Industro-Foam carries a B1 flammability rating, which means it is hardly flammable. This makes the product safe to use in a wide variety of applications. In the event of a fire Industro-Foam does not drip and has a low smoke index. Commonly available polyurethane foam will melt and drip in the event of a fire which can become hazard.

Tile Size

500 x 500 x 75mm

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