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Soundproofing Glass

We assist in the soundproofing of glass doors and windows in one of two ways:

Clear Noise Barrier

CNB is a fully transparent noise barrier, which allows light to pass through. CNB can be retrofit to hang loose over the window or fixed in place over windows, hinged doors & sliding doors. CNB is a limp, flexible, mass loaded product that offers soundproofing by converting audible sound energy, into trace amounts of heat. Click here to read more and watch a demo.


Acoustic Spec Glass:

The most common glass installed in homes & offices is 3mm thick Clearvue which has a poor STC rating of only 23. Outdoor noise is easily heard through a closed window glazed with this spec glass. It is well worth the money spent to replace this with a glass providing better isolation. 10dB represents a doubling or halving of the sound, therefore a benefit of 10dB as shown below, is a significant improvement.

Here are some tips:

  • a) As most window frames can take a slighty thicker glass, replace the 3mm Cleavue with 6.38mm thick Intruderprufe (STC 33). This represents a 10dB improvement over 3mm Clearvue glass. The higher the STC rating the better the sound attenuation. Although STC 33 is better than a meager STC 23 it still doesn't provide for much privacy. As it's unlikely that an old frame can take glasss thicker tahn this, the CNB option above, is a great additional measure to further increase the sound isolation.
  • b) As windows and doors are not designed to attenuate sound unless this has been specified in advance, they do not come with acoustic seals. As such there is a small airgap between the opening window & the fixed frame, even when the window is closed. This gap must be MUST be properly sealed. This seal is as important as the glass itself. Apply a soft compressible foam rubber strip to the window frame, in order to achieve an airtight seal when the window is closed. A 3mm thick seal will be adequete for most applications. Take note that fluffy seals are only good for thermal insulation and will not isolate sound. 
  • c) If the window does not need to be opened, an even better result can be achieved by sealing the old window closed with silicone then fitting a second pane of glass to the window sill & leaving an airspace  between the two panes - the bigger the airspace the better. Some acoustic foam can be applied to the sill between the two frames for increase sound isolation as it will damp the resonance in the sealed space. If this method is followed a layer of dessicant beads must be libberally applied to avoid fogging in the sealed space.

Genesis Acoustics are suppliers of glass with a range of acoustic specifications which will be determined by your requirement. The soundproof glass is cut to size and either supplied loose or framed to suite. Get in touch with us to discuss your project.‚Äč

Follow this link or download the PDF below for more comprehensive information on acoustics & glass.


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