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Soundproofing Generator Rooms

The following solutions apply to rooms constructed of a double cavity wall with a concrete ceiling. For any other structures, kindly contact us for more detailed advice. Please include a full description of each element of the structure (i.e. door, walls, windows, ceiling). Also please include the room dimensions (length, width, hight).

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Waffle Acoustic Foam

waffle acoustic foam    Thickness: 60mm
    Tile size: 470 x 470mm (4.5 tiles = 1 sq.m)
    Panel size: 940 x 470mm (2.27 tiles = 1 sq.m)
    Charcoal grey
    Flame retardant & colour fast
    Beveled edge gives a neat professional appearance
    Genesis contact adhesive: Specially formulated, spray grade, non-flammable, water based adhesive         with almost no odour!
   Easy to install


Door Soundproofing Kit

 Genesis door soundproofing kitGenesis Pro - Acoustic door soundproofing kit consists of:
   Aluminium / Rubber Acoustic Seals
   Extruded PVC Acoustic Seal
   Acoustic door cover
  A combination of these elements can be used, but they can also be used together  as a very effective   
  way to soundproof your door.




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