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Genesis Acoustic Board

Genesis Acoustic Board is an eco-friendly building product with superior sound attenuation properties. It is homogeneous with no delamination. It is virtually impervious to fire, water, insects, mould & mildew; is non-toxic, non- flammable and non-combustible and maintains its dimensional stability even when wet.

Main Uses of Genesis Acoustic Board

✪ Soundproofing of ceilings, drywalls & floors laid on timber beams. Genesis boards can be used together with  Flexible Noise Barrier (FNB) or Green Glue for best results.
✪ Soundproofing under roof sheeting
✪ Building soundproof housing for noisy compressors & generators
✪ Soundproofing of flooring bases (instead of marine ply and shutter board)

Board size:

2.7m x 1.22m (3.29m²)



✪ 9mm Ceilings
✪ 12mm Drywalls & ceilings
✪ 15mm Floors, drywalls & ceilings


Q. Do these boards absorb sound?

A. No, the Genesis acoustic boards are designed to attenuate sound not absorb sound. For example a room where they have been installed as a ceiling and drywalling will still be resonant after the installation, however we have a fantastic range of sound absorbers e.g. waffle foam, S-Series upholstered panels, picture panels, Compass panels, C-Series panels, Colour Splash acoustic foam, tower bass traps and Genesis Feature Wall to name a few.

Q. What thickness board should I use?

A. The answer to this is primarily influenced by three factors:
1) What are you trying to achieve, what is the function of the structure? Are you trying to soundproof        
 normal voice conversations such as in an office, loud, animated coversations & laughing, music, home studio, commercial studio etc. As you can see it would be best to get some advice from one of our consultants. As a general rule of thumb when trying to soundproof, mass is your friend, so a thicker, heavier board will offer more sound attenuation than a thinner board of the same quality. We sell more of the 12mm boards for drywalls and ceilings, the 15mm thick boards should be used for floors.
2) Budget: Naturally the thicker the board the higher the price, if we are asked by a client on a tight budget to cut cost we could use a 9mm thick board instead of a 12mm thick board 
3) Is the job for a retro fit or a new installation? There are other soundproofing products we typically use with the boards (such as 60D acoustic insulation, acoustic sealant, flexible noise barrier) to achieve the end goal. If all you need is one additional layer of board on an existing drywall the cost difference between thickness in the ovearall cost of the project is insignificant, so we rather go with a thicker board. We can advise you what will be best, once you tell us about your project . 

Q. What side of the board should face into the room?

A. The smooth side, the rough side will always face your studs/tracks/framing.

Q. Can the boards be skimmed?

A. Yes. We recommend the boards are painted with a bonding agent prior to skimming.  

Q. How do I cut the Genesis acoustic boards?

A. Any normal woodworking tools cut be used to drill/cut the boards. Bear in mind that cutting the boards with a circular saw creates a lot of dust, so use protective eyeware and rather cut outside. They can also be scored and snapped.

Q. How should the boards be installed?

A. They are installed in the same manner as any regular gypsum boards.

Installation Tips:

1) We recommend drilling a pilot hole, when fixing screws within 3cm from the edge.
2) Always leave a 3mm gap between the bottom of the boards and the floor and the top of the boards and the ceiling, in order to calsuk this gap closed with acoustic sealant. Click here to watch the short instructional video.
3) Always leave a 3mm gap between adjacent boards, apply mesh tape and skim closed. 

Q. What about handling?

A. Always carry the boards on edge, carrying them flat can lead to unnecessary breakages. Use work gloves to protect your hands, as the edges are slighly rough.

Q. Will this board make my room soundproof?

A. If you're looking to soundproof a drywall, hollow ceiling or a timber floor then yes the Genesis Acoustic Boards will help. Remember that soundproofing is scalable, the higher the specification required, the higher the cost and more materials are required. More materials means more labour time to install, which adds to the overall cost. The quality of the installation is also contributing factor to the success of the project. The design of the structure as a whole and the combination of materials used, all play a role in the level of soundproofing achieved. The better the information you provide us, with the better equiped we are to advise you how to proceed.


acoustic board comparison

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Works well together with

Flexible noise barrier (FNB)
Genesis 60D acoustic insulation
Green Glue acoustic sealant

Case Studies

  Petitcochon Live Music Venue

  Gerrit Van Rooyen Ceiling

  Matthew Goniwe School of Leadership & Governance

  Tinus Brits
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