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Acoustic Suspended Ceiling Panels

Acoustic Suspended Ceiling Panels by Genesis

The choice of ceiling panels can either make for a pleasant, relaxing room, with good speech clarity or lead to an environment that is easily cluttered with unwanted sound. When background noise is high, your brain has to work harder, to constantly filter out the background noise from the work or conversation which you are trying to engage in - this is stressful & tiring.

When choosing a ceiling type, it is useful to note the NRC (noise reduction co-efficient) value, which gives a good indication, of what the sound of the room will be like after the installation. Genesis Acoustic Ceiling Panels provide excellent sound absorption, giving you peace of mind that your work environment will have acoustic properties that work for you - not against you.

Sound Absorption:

NRC 0.7


✪ A quieter working environment
✪ Better speech clarity
✪ Less stress, less fatigue
✪ Easier to concentrate
✪ More productive
✪ More relaxed at the end of the day

Acoustic & Thermal Insulation

The installation of a good thermal & acoustic insulation, over the ceiling panels in the ceiling cavity, has a number of benefits. Better thermal insulation means the aircons don't use as much electricity to regulate the rooms temperature, this saves you money. The ceiling is one of the main areas where a building can either lose or make thermal gains. Our 50mm thick, Genesis 60D cavity insulation is a great choice, as it provides both thermal and acoustic insulation.


Soundproofing or acoustic insulation is necessary for the effective functioning of many different types of venues. Soundproofing is important in many areas such as office, boardrooms, video conference rooms, churches etc for a number of reasons. A layer of Genesis 60D over a ceiling, increases the soundproofing and enhances sound absorbing properties of the ceiling, over a broader frequency range.

Problems the lack of soundproofing causes:

✪ The noise of a heavy thunderstorm to drown out a meeting
✪ Meetings being disturbed by the noise from adjacent passageways and offices
✪ Perhaps the most troublesome problem in a corporate setting, is confidential information being overheard.

The great news, is that these acoustic problems can all be avoided when planning ahead or solved if the problems already exist. Get in touch with us - we look forward to being of assistance.

Size & Weights

✪ Panel size: 1200 x 600mm and 600 x 600mm
✪ Thickness: 15mm
✪ 1 Box of 1200 x 600mm = 8 Panels / 5.76m²
✪ 1 Box of 600 x 600mm = 12 Panels / 4.32m²
✪ Weight: 5kg/m²

Case Study

  The Vaccine Bureau - Boardrooms
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