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Genesis Acoustic Products

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Soundproofing your door

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  Genesis Pro – Acoustic Door Sealer Kit

This kit seals the gaps on all four sides of the door, between:
a) Jambs: 2 x 2100mm seals
b) Head: 1 x 1000mm seal
c) Bottom edge of the door: seal drops onto the floor when the door closes, 1 x 820 mm Aluminium profile

• Seals must be fitted on site & will need to be cut to size.
• Lead time: ± 3 - 5 working days from date of order (quantity dependant).
• We deliver to any major centre.

Door Sealer - bottom edge

Seals for Jambs & Head of Door                                                           Automatic Seal for Bottom Edge of Door

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  Extruded PVC Acoustic Seal

• Acoustic and smoke seal  PVC Acoustic Door Seal image
• Discreetly located in the protected corners of rebated timber or steel door frames
• Suitable for new and retrofit applications
• Located around rebated frames of single or double broad butt hinged doors & windows
• Min/ Max gap: 3mm to 5.5mm
• Seal sizes available in door set sizes
• Black PVC finish - seals are rigid and flexible
• Self adhesive backing tape makes fixing to door frame easy
• Flame retardant
• Can be used in conjunction with the Acoustic Door Sealer Kit


Door with sound leaks  

How to soundproof a door

download spec sheet
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