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Tower Bass Traps - Studios, Home Cinema Rooms, Live Music Venues, Church Halls

Bass trap with high gloss paint finish - available in plain colour, or printed for branding & promotional purposes

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How do Bass Traps Work?

Bass Traps are acoustic absorbers or sound baffles, which have the ability to capture low frequency sound. Bass traps are used to provide low frequency sound absorption in rectangular rooms. ​Bass traps provide a means to control room reverberations at low frequencies, a part of the audible bandwidth especially troublesome, when high quality audio is required in small to mid size rooms. Bass traps like all acoustically absorptive materials, function by turning sound energy in a room's air volume, into minute amounts of heat through friction.

Where Should They be Used?

Bass traps are particularly useful in the acoustic treatment of venues built to provide a high quality listening environment such as:
✪ Recording studios: Live rooms & control rooms
✪ Post production mastering suites
✪ Churches
✪ Home cinemas
✪ Clubs
✪ Musical performamce venues
✪ Pubs / bars

Seeing is Believing

Ok, we totally believe "you've gotta have faith" but the below acoustic simulation "gives your faith wings".  This illustration perfectly shows the need for bass traps.
(My thanks to Comsol Multiphysics)

Fig. 1: The bright red areas show the bass hot spot of the room at 108hz

Bass Trap Hot Spots in Room    

Fig. 2: Shows the ideal placement of bass traps in a room

Bass trap placement

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Needless to say, the value of placing bass traps in a room is very obvious given the result of the simulation.

Standard Lengths

✪ 50cm Normally used above a door
✪ 100cm For use above a desk or other furniture in the corner of a room
✪ 200cm For use in the corner between floor & ceiling
✪ 240cm For use in the corner between floor & ceiling
✪ Custom lengths


✪ All sizes are provided with wall brackets
✪ The 100cm, 200cm & 240cm bass traps can be used free standing or wall mounted with the supplied wall brackets.

You can read a testimonial from one of our clients here.
Sound Absorption Co-efficient (NRC Val 1.05)
125hz 250hz 500hz 1000hz 2000hz 4000hz
0.74 0.95 1.12 1.11 1.07 1.07


Branding opportunity

Genesis bass traps can be a powerful branding solution, when used in public venues. 


✪ Printed
✪ 65 Designer colours - see swatch below

Colours on screen may differ to the actual colour, so it's always best to try view a physical swatch before confirming your order.

  Vulcan swatches  

Additional Images of Bass Traps

Bass trap shape and brackets branded bass trap


Q. Can I use bass traps to soundproof my room from outside noise?

A. No, bass traps are designed to enhance the clarity of the sound within a room. Bass traps will not soundproof your room from disturbing sounds but have no fear, all is not lost - there are solutions for noise problems such as outside sound. It would be best if you make contact with one of our consultants, fully explain your situation and we'll be glad to assist.

Q. Will bass traps suck all the bass out of the room?

A. No, definitively not! In fact bass traps serve to accentuate the bass and bring greater sound clarity into the room. A room that has not been bass trapped is often described as having a boomy or muddy sound. Bass traps will provide a clearly articulated low end in the sound, which is highly desirable in any critical listening environment.

Q. Do I need wall panels and bass traps?

A. Well, it all depends on what the room is being used for but bear in mind that wall panels are designed to offer sound absorption primarily in the mid to high frequency range but bass traps are designed to specifically target low frequencies. Wall panels and bass traps do not do the same job. Give us a call to discuss your project and we'll make sure you are on the right track.

Q. How are they installed?

A. We provide a wall bracket which makes them super easy to install. Fix the bracket to the wall and then simply hang the bass trap. Now stand back and enjoy your handy work.

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