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Acoustic Office Partitions

Acoustic office partitions

Our partitions are constructed of laminated layers of Genesis acoustic foam, board & insulating fibre.

No solid board is used as this reflects sound waves. Each component is specifically selected for its acoustic properties. Our panels allow the best of diffusion, isolation & absorption - from both sides of the partition. The partitions are finished with a fabric of your choice, from one the three available ranges. The partitions are 1.5m high & 40mm thick. This height partition still allows a standing person of average height, a clear view over the partition. Any higher and a partition can interfere with airflow & lighting, any lower & the acoustic benefit is compromised. They join end on end with a black, Velcro, half-round edge. They have a soft touch finish.
Sound Absorption Co-efficient (NRC Val 0.70)
125hz 250hz 500hz 1000hz 2000hz 4000hz
0.10 0.29 0.62 0.90 0.95 1.01

office partition close up image

Close up of office partition
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