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Waffle Profile Acoustic Foam (Flame Retardant)

Genesis Waffle Profile Acoustic Foam is open-celled and attenuates airborne sound waves, by increasing air resistance, thus reducing the amplitude of the waves. The sound energy is dissipated as trace amounts of heat, as the sound waves are forced to travel through multiple cellular air pockets as it passes through the foam.

The Waffle Profile

The waffle profile of the acoustic foam is made up of peaks and valleys in alternating directions. The waffle profile increases the available surface area for absorption by about 400% over a flat area of the same dimensions. The waffle profile serves to diminish sound energy, regardless of the angle of the sound wave striking the surface.


Genesis acoustic foam is flame retardant


Genesis acoustic foam has been certified by an independant lab, for it's sound absorbing properties.

Tile Size

600 x 600mm
2.78 tiles = 1m²


✪ 4cm - a budget friendly entry level product
✪ 6cm - our most popular model
✪ 10cm - the top of the range model, for the discerning customer looking for high end acoustic performance. The additional thickness increases the sound absorption in the mid to low frequency range. 

Edge profiles

4cm Square edge
6cm Beveled edge
10cm Square edge
10cm Tiles with Q-Series Diffusers

Colour: Charcoal

The colour runs all the way through the tile, so there is no fear of an ugly, exposed cut edge, ruining your beautiful installation. 


Supplied with the adhesive required for installation. Easily cut with a sharp blade.

Works well together with

Q-Series diffusers
✪ Cousti blox
S5 Wall panels
S10 Wall panels
Tru-tone tiles

Pics From Past Jobs

Recording Studio - Cape Town

SABC Radio Station

Shooting Range - Johannesburg

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