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S5 Acoustic Wall Panels

S5 Acoustic wall panels are one of our most popular and cost effective solutions for treating rooms, where there is too much resonance. Sometime the acoustic treatment is to enhance voice clarity, such as in a video conference room or a training room. A good listening environment is critical for areas such as home cinemas, recording studios. For churches, boardrooms, wedding venues etc and any space which hosts many people, S5 acoustic panels will always add value to the event and make it far more pleasant for those participating in the meetings.

Edging style

✪ Square edge

Sound absorption:

✪ NRC 0.9
✪ NRC 1.0
Both specifications are available, your choice depends on your budget and technical requirement. The NRC 1.0 costs about 15% more and is determined by the actual size and quantity of panels required..

Standard sizes

60 x 60cm
60 x 90cm
60 x 120cm
60 x 180cm
60 x 240cm

90 x 90cm
90 x 120cm
90 x 180cm
90 x 240cm

120 x 120cm
120 x 180cm
120 x 240cm

✪ Custom sizes can be made to order


✪ 65 Plain designer colours
✪ Full colour digital prints

Acoustic Performance

For the discerning buyer looking for high end performance, also consider our Premium Spec NRC 1.0 wall panels, at an additional cost of about 15%. This spec is deal for recording studios.


Works well together with

Q-Series diffusers
S10 wall panels
Tru-tone tiles
Waffle profile acoustic foam




Colour swatch

(Please use the number of the swatch as a only as a reference. Because colours on screen may differ to actual colour, we advise that you view a physical fabric swatch, in order to guarantee the colour is to your liking)
  Vulcan Fabric Swatch


Case Studies

  Geda Ministries - Church Hall

  Tyger Valley College - Classroom

  Audio Professionals - Home Cinema
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