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Andrew HollelyAndrew Hollely

National Sales Director


Cell: 083 652 0199

Edward KgatlaEdward Kgatla

Sales: Johannesburg & Pretoria



Cell: 060 473 2022


Brett Robinson (Owner)Brett Robinson (Owner)


Cell: 083 262 4368

Office Hours:

Monday - Thursday: 8am - 4:30pm

Friday: 8am - 4:00pm

JHB Office & Warehouse

Unit 18
Eastgate Business Park
Corner Marlboro Drive and South Road
Sandton, 2063
Johannesburg, South Africa

Address: ///gadgets.relay.rating

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Port Elizabeth Head Office

173 Villers Road, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Address: ///fizzle.applause.infinite​

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Cape Town

We only work by appointment, please give us a call.

Andrew Hollely

Cell: 083 652 0199

Admin Staff

Zanri Grobler (PE Head office)

Zanri Grobler (PE Head office)

Accounts: Tax invoices & statements
Tel: 071 080 7029

What we need to know when you contact us:

a) Your telephone no so we can call to clarify any details

b) What city & area you are from so we can calculate delivery costs

c) A short description of your problem. If you ask vague questions and give insufficient info it's difficult properly advise you and we really want to provide the best possible solution.
QUESTION: "How much does it cost to soundproof a room?"
ANSWER: "I don't know, how long is a piece of string?"
Remember we haven't seen your plans, your studio etc. so tell us - the more we know the better.
Include as much info as possible e.g.
How many rooms?
What is each element of the structure is made of i.e. doors, windows, walls, ceiling etc. ?
Reading through our frequently asked questions page will give you a head start on your project!

Soundproofing Guidlines

Soundproofing has to do with structural issues, so before we can give advice or quote on soundproofing we need to know some facts. These facts can either be provided by yourself or depending on your location we can do a site inspection.

a) What kind of ceiling is in the room e.g. Rhino board, concrete ceiling, suspended ceiling. If suspended what kind of ceiling panels are in the grid. There are many different kinds - some with very poor acoustic qualities & some with very good. If you are not sure of the kind take a close up photo & attach to your e-mail.

b) Is there a ceiling cavity behind the ceiling. Do you have access to the cavity?

c) What kind of walls are in the room? Single brick, double brick cavity wall, drywall or a combination thereof.

d) What kind of flooring is in the room e.g. concrete, ceramic tiles, wooden flooring, carpeting - what kind, is there underfelt?

e) Are there windows / glass? Is there noise coming through the windows causing a problem?

f) What kind of doors are in the room e.g. wood with glass panes, hollow core wooden, solid wooden doors, roll up doors etc.

Lead Times:

Custom made goods: 7 - 10 working days for manufacture plus 3 working days for delivery, if required. This depends on the sizes / quantities ordered & our work load when your order is placed.

Stock: We carry stock of many goods & can often assist the same day, depending on the quantity required.