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Genesis Acoustic Products

Made in South Africa

We Deliver Nationally

Genesis Soundproof Doors

  • Made in South Africa. No duties or international freight costs.
  • High spec, soundproof single & double acoustic doors
  • Supplied with all fittings: Push/pull handle, lock, door closer & stainless steel hinges
  • Pre-hung at the factory - on a four sided frame - to ensure a proper seal on the bottom edge
  • A double row of acoustic seals are pre-installed on the frame
  • An automatic gap sealer is rebated into the bottom of the door
  • NO keyhole through the door to compromise sound isolation
  • Excellent workmanship - first grade finish!

Genesis soundproof acoustic door

Standard Sizes:
Single door:
2032 x 813 x 52mm thick. Single doors can be made to open left or right - as required.
Double door: 2032 x 1840 x 52mm thick
Custom size soundproof/acoustic doors can be made on request.

Our acoustic doors are finished with either:
a) Paint primer & ready for painting
b) Hand selected meranti veneer

Our doors are pre-hung on the frame at the factory, all the hardware is fitted, then removed & packaged separately  for shipping. 
Standard: Stainless steel/chrome, lock, push/pull handles & heavy duty door closer
Special request: Brass (at a higher price)

Lead times:
± 3 Weeks from date of order   for manufacture,  depending on quantity & production commitments at the time of order.
Delivery is included to any major centre in South Africa, allow 3 working days from dispatch.

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