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Genesis Acoustic Products

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Genesis Waffle Profile Acoustic Foam - Studio & Industrial (Flame Retardant)

  • Independently certified acoustic foam
  • Tile size: 470 x 470mm (4.5 tiles = 1 sq.m)
  • Thickness: 60mm
  • Charcoal grey
  • Flame retardant & colour fast
  • Beveled edge gives a neat professional appearance
  • Genesis contact adhesive: Specially formulated, spray grade, non-flammable, water based adhesive with almost no odour!
  • Easy to install

60mm Thick, Genesis Acoustic Foam

Genesis Acoustic Foam is open-celled. It attenuates airborne sound waves by increasing air resistance, thus reducing the amplitude of the waves. The energy is dissipated as heat. The sound waves are forced to travel through multiple foam cell air pockets and their cell walls as sound travels through the foam. The uneven waffle profile of our foam, increases the available surface area for absorption by about 400% over a flat area of the same dimensions. The waffle profile also serves to diffuse sound energy, regardless of the angle of the sound wave striking the surface.

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